Intel Xeon Quad core 3.3Ghz 8 GB DDR3 1000GB SATA3 3000GB 199 lv/mo.
Intel Xeon Quad core 3.3Ghz 16 GB DDR3 4x1000GB SATA3 RAID 10 3000GB 309 lv/mo.

Features and Specs

24/7 technical support

We offer around the clock support for your dedicated server. You can contact one of our experts by phone, e-mail or live chat. The high level of support that we offer is one of our main advantages against our competition.

Fully managed service

You can delegate the management of your server to us entirely. We will take care of all things security, as well as updates and the administration tasks. This allows you to focus on your business without having to think about hosting issues.

99,9% uptime guarantee

Your newly purchased server will provide you with extreme stability and 99.9% service uptime. We offer you a very high-end product that guarantees reliable operation throughout the whole time. Our technical experts are always alert so you will sleep well.

cPanel/WHM control panel

Every server can be purchased with an additional control panel – cPanel –the most famous and trusted control panel in the web hosting industry. All of the maintenance and administration tasks are done by your specialists, so you can have full control over your servers and trust in the reliability of your hosting plan.

Professional backup system

We will create daily backups of all the data that you store on your server at 7 alternative locations – remote servers that guarantee the safety of your data throughout the whole time. In case you need to recover your data, we will use these backups to restore it, no questions asked.


When you purchase a server, we will install and configure your firewall for free. We will also set up mod_security and will update critical software on a regular basis so you can have optimal levels of security.

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